Doctors measure our blood pressure with the use of a blood pressure machine. Notice that each time we go for a check-up or and sick and goes to see a doctor, getting our BP levels is an SOP? This is because it gives doctors some important clues on our overall health condition.


Understanding Blood Pressure

It is easy to learn how to read your blood pressure. There are two important numbers that account for our blood pressure. Sample reading, 100/90 millimeters mercury: the number on top is the systolic number which accounts for the pressure during the heart’s contraction; the number at the bottom is the diastolic, the pressure when the heart is at rest.


What Is The Normal BP Reading For An Average Healthy Person?

There are actually four stages of BP readings:

Normal reading is about 120/80 mmHg, without going over. Pre-hypertension range is 120-139/80-89 mmHg

; those are the people who have a higher chance of contracting high blood pressure. Stage 1 hypertension: 140-149/90-99 mmHg. This stage usually lasts for about 6 months if untreated. Stage 2 hypertension normally registers 160+/100+ mmHg. This is a critical stage as it may result to strokes, even death.


Looking For The Best Blood Pressure Machine?

If your family has a history of elevated blood pressure then it is advisable that you have a sphygmomanometer at home, a machine that is used to monitor blood pressure. There are several types to choose from. I suggest reading blood pressure machine reviews that are abundant in the internet for additional and more adept information.


Two Types Of Monitors

There are two types of sphygmomanometer that is ideal for home use: the aneroid monitors or manual monitors and the digital monitors.

The aneroid monitor is your regular sphygmomanometer: it makes use a stethoscope to listen to the heartbeat; a cuff is wrapped around the upper left arm; positioned at level with your heart. Manual inflation is done. As you begin to deflate, you will hear the sound the heartbeat, the first sound of the heartbeat will be the systolic reading, as you continue with the deflating, there will be a second sound/indication and it is the diastolic reading.

Most users find the automatic blood pressure machine or digital monitors more convenient. Especially for those who need to monitor erratic blood pressure movements all throughout the day. It even allows you to take your own blood pressure reading. The cuffs for these types monitors will automatically inflate and deflate on automatically and you will get an immediate reading. It is also equipped with a heart rate monitor.

The ease of use of the automatic sphygmomanometer makes it more popular these. It doesn’t take too much effort to use and you don’t need to ask anyone anymore to help you take your BP reading. It also automatically record and keep track of the data, no need to maintain a written log sheet.

I cannot stress more than enough of how important having a portable monitor at home, especially if you are at risk of contracting hypertension or you have an elderly at home. If there is one product that I can recommend, it is the Omron blood pressure machine because we have been using it for months and so far we are satisfied.

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