If you are looking for herbs for high blood pressure then you are in luck because I have tips to share.

Our family has a long line of sufferers from high blood pressure so we know difficult it is to find treatments and medications for it. We had to ask around and do some research since we didn’t want to rely too much on medications because some have negative side effects.


Natural Herbs For High Blood Pressure

We wanted to find the best natural treatment for high blood pressure. Though our Mom still takes maintenance medicines to lower her blood pressure levels, we are incorporating herbs and other foods that help lower the BP.

What herbs are good for high blood pressure? I will share with you some of the things I learned.


Here Is A List Of The Best Herbs For High Blood Pressure:


With a scientific name of Terminalia arjuna, its bark is said to be excellent in lowering hypertension. It works by improving blood circulation to the heart. It also helps strengthen the heart’s muscles. The presence of the coenzyme Q10 and triterpine glycosides further helps boosts the functionality of the arteries and the blood vessels.


This is one of the most popular foods that lower high blood pressure. While most people use it mainly to cook meals, its ability to prevent he blood from clotting makes it a good treatment for high blood pressure. A daily consumption of about 1 to 2 cloves a day for at least 3 months is enough to help alleviate hypertension. My Mom eats it raw but I usually cook meals with it.


This herb is a native of India; it has a scientific name of Commiphora wightii. It helps decrease bad cholesterol levels in the blood, as well as help in the treatment of arterioslerotic vascular disease, and cardiac ischemia.


This also one of the natural reducers of high blood pressure as it boosts the expansion of the arterial blood vessels thus improving blood circulation to the heart. It also promotes healthy heartbeat and prevents atherosclerosis growth. It also helps bring down bad cholesterol readings.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko biloba is one example of the best Chinese herbs for high blood pressure. It works by improving blood circulation to the heart and boosts the dilation of the arteries.

Roots of Danshen

Another Chinese medicine that can be added to the diet for high blood pressure is the roots of danshen. This is a type of sage that contains chemicals that lower naturally high blood pressure and regulate our heartbeat. The root extract also come in capsule form and used as supplement. The extract, on the other hand, can be prepared as tea to drink.


Why Do I Recommend These Natural Cures?

One of the main advantages of herbs and spices is they don’t have negative side effects because they are 100% all natural. There is no risk to worry about. Plus they are not expensive.

I hope that the list of the foods to lower high blood pressure will be helpful to you and your family.

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